7th National Ornitology Fair in Aielo de Malferit, Valencia

7th National Ornitology Exchange Fair

7th National Ornitology Exchange Fair

On December 14 thyday we will be present at the 7th National Exchange Ornitology Fair as a manufacturer and distributor of feeders for canaries and birds, birds and birds in general. You can access our catalog of bird feedersfrom here.

It is presented as a special event for lovers of Ornitology, where the organization awaits us with an ideal day to spend the day with others with the same hobby.

The Fair will be in Aielo de Malferit, Valencia.

Cajita Desparasitadora de Varroa

La Cajita Desparasitadora del ácaro Varroa para las abejas es un método patentado que acaba con los parásitos varroa y los piojillos de manera sencilla, eficaz y totalmente ecológica.