Varroa Dewormer Box

Varroa Dewormer Box

The Varroa Mite Dewormer Box for bees is a patented method that kills varroa parasites and lice in a simple, effective and totally ecological way.

With its use, the environment is protected and a honey is obtained free of chemical residues derived from the use of other acaricidal systems.

It is a structure that is attached to the spout of the hive and inside which a brush is located. As the bees pass underneath, the varroas are detached and eliminated by falling through a grid in the floor. If you want to keep a count of the detached varroas, place a small drawer where they accumulate.

With an Allen key of M-5 the descent or ascent of the brush is regulated which has a security system so that the entrance or exit of the hive can never be closed. The step is already regulated to a standard factory measure that is valid for a small bee as well as a larger one. By having the right step, it prevents larger animals from entering the hive.

Once placed in the deworming box, it works continuously indefinitely, without requiring any maintenance or revisions, with the following saving of time and money, unlike the multitude of applications necessary with the usual and current treatments.
When mounting the support of the box, the iron lid is removed and there is no black hand that can close the entrance to the hive.

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cepillo para cajita

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Cajita Desparasitadora de Varroa

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