Bird moaning low hook and punctured lid

Bird moaning low hook and punctured lid

It is the only bird feeder on the market that does not waste food, is clean and does not have to blow. With a sparraguito the entrance door to the food is regulated.
It is quickly amortized by saving 50 or more of wasted food.
Capacity: 130 grams of food + the cap supplement with hole (optional) to add packs of 0.50 liters up to 1.50 liters capacity.

Cajita Desparasitadora de Varroa

La Cajita Desparasitadora del ácaro Varroa para las abejas es un método patentado que acaba con los parásitos varroa y los piojillos de manera sencilla, eficaz y totalmente ecológica.

Facial Protective Screen

Face protection screen authorized and approved by the General Directorate of Pharmacies and Sanitary Products (Generalitat Valenciana) UNE-EN 166:2002