Langstroth Frame Cut

Langstroth Frame Cut
  • Material type: Food polypropylene and anti-shock frame
  • Frame dimensions: 480 x 235 x 25 mm.
  • Cell dimensions: 4’9 mm diameter from tip to end and 2 mm deep on each side
  • Boxes to 30 units
  • RF Frame Reference: API00012
  • RF Separators Reference: API0015
Cajita Desparasitadora de Varroa

La Cajita Desparasitadora del ácaro Varroa para las abejas es un método patentado que acaba con los parásitos varroa y los piojillos de manera sencilla, eficaz y totalmente ecológica.

Facial Protective Screen

Face protection screen authorized and approved by the General Directorate of Pharmacies and Sanitary Products (Generalitat Valenciana) UNE-EN 166:2002