2020 International Abecola Fair in Pastrana Spain

XXXIX International Beefair 2020 Pastrana

XXXIX International Beefair 2020 Pastrana

As every year, in Pastrana, Guadalajara, Spain, the International Apícola Fairis held. In this case the edition number XXXIX.

Projects and Models will be for the fourth time in this event, we will present all our beekeeping material that we manufacture in our facilities in Valencia, Spain. You can see the Feeders, Pictures and Sheets for types of hives: Layens, Langstroth and Half Elevation Dadant as other supplements and novelties that we have prepared.

We are very excited to be exhibitors in this fair, we remember that it is one of the oldest dedicated to beekeeping and that in it are present countries such as France, Portugal, Finland, Germany among others of the European Union and Argentina on the South American side.

Proyectos y Modelos S.L. will have a stand in the downtown area of the venue,exactly number 28. There you can know the different products that we manufacture for the beekeeping world as well as consult us for needs, ideas or everything you want to share with us.

Plano de los stand para Feria Apícola Pastrana 2020
Empresas participantes de la Feria Internacional Apícola Pastrana 2020

Noveda for the XXXIX Pastrana Fair 2020

Mite and Parasite Eliminator

As a world novelty we present our box that removes varroa mite, pybhole, as well as other external bee parasites. This box is installed at the front of the hive coinciding with the entrance of the pickate, so that the bees must pass through it to enter and exit the hive.

This de-caunting box has been tested to make it a success and performance to make it a success, so we have proceeded to patent it (not patent 201930748) and we are manufacturing the dies necessary to start production so as soon as possible.

If you want to see a preview of our beekeeping products that we manufacture you can go from the following link:

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Cajita Desparasitadora de Varroa

La Cajita Desparasitadora del ácaro Varroa para las abejas es un método patentado que acaba con los parásitos varroa y los piojillos de manera sencilla, eficaz y totalmente ecológica.